Sandhill Skipper

Polites sabuleti
Grass Skippers

Appearance: Above, orange to pale orange radiating out along the veins. Male has dark “felt” stigma. Below, the hindwing has a pronounced jagged or “sawtooth” chevron.

Size: Small; 3/4 to 1 1/16 inches

Habitat: Sub-alpine meadows, lawns, roadsides and sloughs bordered by grassy areas

Season: Spring to fall; 1-3 broods dependent on elevation

Larval Foodplant: Grasses; Saltgrass, Bermuda and others

Did You Know…
Extremely variable; could be a complex of more than one biological species (Opler, 1999). This species is a tough call, as are a number of the Hesperia and Polites. The consultation of an expert is definitely helpful.

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