Red Admiral

Vanessa atalanta
True Brushfoots

Appearance: A very distinctive butterfly, brownish black above with a reddish orange median band on forewing and similar band on trailing edge of hindwing. Underside of forewing shows white patches near tip with red median band.

Size: Medium; 1 3/4 to 3 inches

Habitat: Widespread in a variety of habitats from forest clearings, streamsides, moist fields and woods, parks, marshes

Season: June to September

Larval Foodplant: Species of the nettle family (Urticaceae) are best known host plants, especially American Stinging Nettle locally

Did You Know…
The forewing edge below shows red, white, and blue – the colors symbolic of our national flag – a very patriotic butterfly. It also belongs to the same genus (Vanessa) as our three species of “lady butterflies” so it is properly a “lady” also.

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