Common Sootywing

Pholisora catullus
Spread-wing Skippers

Appearance: A small black or dark brown skipper with a row (sometimes 2) of white spots near the forewing tip and some on head.

Size: Small; 7/8 to 1 inch

Habitat: Open weedy and disturbed areas. Prefers hot and dry places

Season: Spring to late summer; 2 broods

Larval Foodplant: Pigweed, goosefoot, lambsquarter and tumbleweed

Did You Know…
As Bob Pyle says in his wonderful book BUTTERFLIES OF CASCADIA, “These (Common Sootywing and Common Checkered Skipper) are often two of the first species to turn up in insect collections, since kids are close enough to the ground to spot them and fast enough to catch them.”

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