Rocky Mountain Orangetip (Julia)

Anthocharis julia

Appearance: Male white above (female, pale yellow) with bright orange wingtips on forewings. Below, the hindwing has yellow veins and patchy yellow green marbling (sometimes orange on forewing tip shows through when backlit). Usually shows a white ray in middle of hindwing.

Size: Small; 1 to 1 1/4 inches

Habitat: Mountain meadows and along stream sides in canyons

Season: May to late June

Larval Foodplant: Rock cress and other plants in the mustard family

Did You Know…
Although the classification of orangetips is still evolving, the sight of an early orangetip buoys the spirit and makes one marvel at the beauty and delicate nature of these harbingers of Spring. They are often hard to find perched on plants as they seem to be constantly flying.

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