Margined White

Pieris marginalis

Appearance: Above, white to dusted gray; may show black patch at wingtip and can show 1 or 2 round spots centered. Below, white to pale yellow with gray veins. Ventral veins may show through on males; as season progresses the veins become less conspicuous.

Size: Medium, 1 1/2 to 2 1/4 inches

Habitat: Moist areas in woods and meadows from the montane to alpine

Season: May to August

Larval Foodplant: Various plants in the Mustard Family

Did You Know…
There is a question as to whether Cabbage Whites have out competed Margined Whites in some of the latters former range or are Cabbage Whites more adaptable to anthropogenic usage of that habitat (Pyle, 2002).

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