Jutta Arctic

Oeneis jutta
Satyrs and Wood-nymphs

Appearance: A medium size gray-brown species. Above, forewing with pale orange band containing 1 to 4 black spots; hindwing with submarginal orange band containing 1 or 2 black spots. Below, hindwing uniformly mottled gray-brown; forewing has 1 to 3 submarginal eye spots on a pale orange band

Size: Medium; 1 11/16 to 2 1/16 inches

Habitat: Spruce and tamarack bogs, wet tundra and in the Rockies, and lodgepole pine forests

Season: Summer; 1 Flight. Biennial in some areas (Brock).

Larval Foodplant: Sedges

Did You Know…
Reported sightings of this species along the Front Range are quite rare.

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