Hops Azure

Celestrina “ladon” humulus

Appearance: Sexually dimorphic. Above, male is a light powdery blue; females vary from pale blue to mostly white with dark leading and outer edges of the forewings and dark leading edges of the hindwings. Below, both are very light, with variable black spots, almost absent on some females to quite prominent on some males.

Size: Very small; 13/16 to 1 1/16 inches

Habitat: Moist canyon bottoms and gulches in the foothills of the northern Colorado Front Range

Season: Mid-June to early July; 1 brood

Larval Foodplant: Hops and possibly Lupine

Did You Know…
Considered to be part of the Spring Azure Complex (Brock-Kaufman, 2003) and virtually indistinguishable from same (Glassberg, 2001). Probably best separated from Spring Azure by time of flight (mid-June to early July) after Spring Azure, and proximity to Hops plants and vines.

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