Arctic Fritillary

Boloria selene

Appearance: A lesser fritillary, variable. Above, orange with black markings and solid black dots in the median band. Below, reddish brown with white or cream colored cells forming a median band with the central cell being sharply pointed.

Size: Medium; 1 3/8 to 1 1/2 inches

Habitat: Alpine and subalpine meadows, marshes, streams and bogs

Season: Summer; 1 brood

Larval Foodplant: Willows, violets, American bistort and possibly blueberries (Opler)

Did You Know…
Some lesser fritillaries are biennial, flying only every other year in some regions. They can be difficult to identify because of their constant movement and the similarity of their dorsal sides. Their undersides are distinctive, but difficult to see. Finally, they are similar in size to crescents and checkerspots.

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